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Affiliate Net World is not just a directory of affiliate networks,it is indeed a platform for learning and building good quality ,effective and reliable source of referral income. When I started this project back in 2007 ,I was little aware of the fact that this is going to be very big project. The reasons for growth of income from such projects are increasing number of network sites and specially great products and ideas that keep on pooling into web world.

Now before we go further I would like to address those who are new to affiliate income. It is a system where seller pays you for referring his products to others. Like in off line world ,companies do sell their products using MLM (multi level marketing) channels ,where you buy product and become member of some company ,then you start telling others about the product and when people buy product by your reference ,company pays you some incentive. Similarly in case of web, companies pay incentives for sale or lead.

Incentives paid are in the form of percentage or directly some amount per sale. Percentages vary from company to company but I have seen companies offering more then 80%, in case of INTERNET,the reason being volume of orders they getting and also most of the time products are electronic products that can be shipped to any place without logistics. For example e-books,softwares,web hosting services etc.

In case of pay per lead programs ,companies pay you if traffic sent by you to their site enters required information ,which these companies use to convince them to buy their products or at least to promote their products. Information like email addresses and phone numbers are very useful for further campaigns of the company. Apart from that job consultants need resumes , you send people to their website,they simply enter their information ,consultants get lead for which they pay you and use that information for their businesses.

One last thing ,new comers also ask me how to promote products online,for that you are suppose to join affiliate programs offered by websites,simply locate link Affiliate/Affiliates on website ,enter your information and join the program. If you are approved ,you will be provided with affiliate link ,that you will send to your friends or simply add that to your website. Now when people click on that link or banner ,they will be directed to companies website ,affiliate software will register your referral and you will be paid for your job. I have given link “Useful Resources” ,which will help you to start and build your very own affiliate income source using tools mentioned on this page.

Affiliate net world is also useful to webmasters ,as it will act as source for selecting right product and company for your planned compaign. We have listed products which can easily be viewed as percentage ,incentive,company or listed date. You may also get first hand experience of knowing the products by visiting them first and later think about joining and promoting these products. We are also sharing articles on this subject which will be improve vision and will act as a platform for sharing your ideas with other web masters and newbies.

Finally I wish you best of luck and hope you will be benefited by our website and please do send me your precious feed backs so that we may improve our website to make it more useful and effective tool.

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